• Plant production projects such as grains production, oil seeds production , sugar crops production, fodder production, date palm production, and horticulture crops production ....etc.
  • Animal resources and production projects such as dairy farms , lamb and beef fattening farms, camel breeding and management , feed processing and production, veterinary and extension services and increasing twinning rate.
  • Poultry production projects such as broilers, layers, parent and stocks.
  • Food manufacturing projects
    1. Dairy processing plants projects
    2. Meat processing plants projects
    3. Vegetable oil (crushing and refinery) projects
    4. Sugar cane and sugar beet refinery plants
    5. Strategic storage of grains
    6. Wheat grinding, milling and processing plants
    7. Dates palm production and processing
    8. Olive oil production and refinery plants
    9. Tomato juices and paste processing plants
    10. Fruits and vegetables sorting, grading filling , packing projects